Intelligent Multi CDN
a hassle free managed solution

Gotipath Multi-CDN helps to improve your customer’s digital experience and save your costs.

Dedicated bare metal
server at Bangladesh location

With 10 Gbps shared or leased BDIX port and more

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Deliver web / media content with ultra low latency world wide at same low cost

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Object Storage

Storage with built-in CDN that makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable

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Media Service

Live streaming or VOD transcoding is easy with gotipath API or dashboard

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Dedicated Compute

Single-tenant bare metal servers for high-end workloads. Or  Multi cloud

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Datacenter Service

Datacenter service available at Bangladesh & Malaysia 

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Website / App Acceleration

With 52 locations spread around the globe, GotiPath makes sure your website users get your content faster from the edge cache.

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VOD (Video On Demand) service enables customers to stream file based video online. Your audience will enjoy a seamless video experience through our large capacity global CDN. And it’s easy to start your VOD service with our modular platform.

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Ultra Low Latency Live Stream

Simply feed us your stream over RTMP or HTTP and let us convert it into playback formats of your choice. We guarantee under 3s latency for live streaming .

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Worldwide Businesses Moving to Gotipath Cloud

We make it easier for you to focus on building business and forget about infrastructure scale. You can scale on-demand and deliver flawlessly during major events and traffic spikes with our strategically placed points of presence (POPs).